The Sheriff of Nottingham has joined forces with the World Wide Robin Hood Society and is asking everyone to be on the lookout for Robin Hood!

As part of a new research project to establish the true extent of the Robin Hood legend’s UK and International influence, the World Wide Robin Hood Society has enlisted the help of the present day Sheriff of Nottingham, Glyn Jenkins, and wants the general public to look out for any instances where Robin Hood’s name is being used. It could be in the name of a company or business; a public house or restaurant etc; as a place name or geographic location; a street or road name or it might be his outline or image on a sign etc.


Anywhere the name of Robin Hood gets a mention the Society and the Sheriff want to know!

In fact, it’s not just Robin Hood you should be looking for but also watch out for references to any of the other members of his outlaw band, such as Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian etc. or any of the famous places associated with the legend, such as Sherwood Forest, Nottingham Castle and of course any reference to the Sheriff of Nottingham!

When you “find” Robin or any connections with his legendary friends and haunts, then you should simply click the link below and let the World Wide Robin Hood Society know where and when you saw the Robin Hood related reference and if possible even send in a photo image or “selfie”.

Click here to send brief details of your sighting and/or a photo


Each month, the person submitting the most interesting sighting will receive a token “arrow pen” and a special scroll certificate, personally signed by the present day Sheriff of Nottingham!

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